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Description of Blue Lagoon Croatia

If you are staying in Split and want to take your vacation to a new level, but you don't have much time, tour is the ideal option for you. An unforgettable half-day tour for all ages. The first location enables swimming and diving in the crystal clear sea on the island of Čiovo, for those who want to feel the additional charms of hedonism, there are various bars that complement the overall experience. The next location reveals the history of the old Dalmatian settlement of Maslinica and their local culture. The Krknjaši Islands, where the Blue Lagoon Croatia is located, offers maximum enjoyment of island vibes. Discovering the turquoise sea will create memories that you will remember for the rest of your llife.


Boat ride
Professional crew
Snorkeling equipment
Bottle of water

Not included

Any additional costs
Gratuities for crew and guide
Water shoes, towel, Sun cream, waterproof bag…

Important  before reservating Blue Lagoon Croatia*

* Certain boats, instead of going to the island of Šolta in the town of Maslinica, offer a trip to the historical center of the city of Trogir. When booking a certain category of boat, you will have to specify whether you want to visit the island of Šolta or the city of Trogir.
* Considering that it is a half-day tour, it has two possible start times. Morning session from 9AM – 2PM or afternoon session from 2:30 PM – 7:30 PM. The special category (catamaran) has one appointment, from 10:30 AM to 5 PM

* If you are taking a tour from the Basic, Standard or Deluxe category, you must keep this in mind that speedboats are pretty fast so it’s not recommended for children under 3 years old, pregnant ladies, and people with serious back problems and injuries, to go on a tour.
* For older people, pregnant women and children under the age of 3, we recommend a boat tour from the Special category because the boat is more spacious and slower.
* The crew can change the order of the tour at any moment according to the weather conditions, and you will be informed about this on time.


Tour booking

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about special
Special tour

Catamaran 4U

Catamaran 4u accommodates many people and is therefore a good option for friends and family. With a lower speed, it provides the maximum laid back experience. Visitors can choose whether they want to be outside or inside the salon. In its equipment, it has pedal boards that guests can use in almost every location of their trip. It is safe and accessible for elderly people with back problems, small kids or pregnant women.


Aliskaf & Kolnago Speedboats


about SB
Deluxe tour

Aliskaf & Colnago

Partly closed ship type falls under this category. Passengers can choose whether they want to sit inside or outside. Maximum comfort and safety are suitable for older people with back problems. You can also enjoy the sun deck and soak up every ray of sun.


Enzo & Mercan Speedboats


about SB
Standard tour

Enzo & Mercan Speedboats

This ship offers much more space, but is slower than ships in the BASIC category. But it still belongs to the speedboat category and is not recommended for small children, elderly people with back problems and pregnant women. It provides protection from the sun, so you can choose whether you want to sit in the shade or in the sun. The wind in your hair will accompany you throughout your journey.




about Ribs
Basic tour


If you are a fan of adrenaline driving, this is the boat for you. The boat provides fast passenger transportation with a full day's stay in the sun. The waves for which the Adriatic Sea is famous will also contribute to raising the adrenaline in the blood. This class of boat is not suitable for small children, elderly people with back problems and pregnant women because the boat is very fast and bounces on the waves and there is not so much space.


The tour starts in the morning afternoon from the main Riva promenade.

Blue Lagoon Croatia

Blue Lagoon Croatia is located between the 2 islands of Veliki Krknjaš and Mali Krknjaš, only 14 nautical miles from the ancient city of Split. The turquoise sea, which is not very deep, offers any form of fun at sea, from sipping cocktails in the sun to exploring the marine environment. You can swim around the boats or be on the beach and drink cocktails in famous local bars. The sea is so clean and transparent that you can see every detail in it.
Island Šolta – Maslinica
Maslinica is located on the western side of the island of Šolta. The only direct way to get to this place is with this half-day tour. There is not a single direct line from Split to Maslinica. The olive grove was created in 1703 when the Marchi noble family asked the Venetian governor to create a new settlement and a castle that would serve as a defense against pirates. They brought people to the island to engage in agriculture, seafaring and fishing. Today, the place is focused on tourism and olive oil production.
Town Trogir
Founded by Greek colonists from the island of Vis in the 3rd century BC. It was considered the best preserved city. The castle and the tower, which are surrounded by walls, form the historical core of the city of Trogir. Due to its beauty and value, UNESCO included it in the list of world heritage. Year after year, it attracts a large number of people and it is recommended to visit it with the professional guidance of a tourist guide outside of the season and large crowds.
Island Čiovo - Labadusa Bay
Stone beach located on the southern side of the island of Čiovo. It provides an experience of symbiosis between man and the sea. As much as man cannot do without the sea, the sea cannot do without man. You can choose whether you want to spend your free time in the shade, sunbathing or swimming. You have your own time and during that period you can do whatever you want.
The return is at the same place of departure.
** in agreement with the group, if everyone agrees, the order of locations can be changed**


useful information
What to take on a trip?
Comfortable clothes, bathing suit, towel , sun cream, sunglasses..
Is lunch included in the price?
No, for that reason we we recommend bringing your own food or going to a restaurant.
Can you pay by card?
Yes, but keep in mind that cash culture still prevails in Croatia and that some places do not accept cards so bring some cash with you.
Can pregnant womenolder people or kids go on a trip?
Speedboats are pretty fast so it’s not recommended for pregnant woman but we can recommend a boat from special category that is more suitable for pregnant women, children and the elderly.
Are the boats safe in bad weather conditions?
Yes, each boat is designed to provide maximum safety during bad weather at sea.

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