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The Blue Cave tour from Split is the most popular day trip in wider Split area. This excursion includes a visit to 5 islands in just one single day. This kind of trip creates an unforgettable experience whose memories will be recounted fot a long time. It enables close contact with local culture, people and food. Surrendering to its charms, you will get the opportunity to discover the Blue Cave, which is located almost half the way to Italy, and Stiniva Cove on the southern side of the island Vis, swim and dive in the crystal clear sea on one of the most beautiful Pakleni islands, and get to know the magical Dalmatian history of Vis and Hvar.


Boat ride
Bottle of water
Snorkeling equipment

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Any additional costs
Enterance fee for Blue Cave
Gratuities for crew and guide

Important *

* If you are going on the Blue Cave tour from Split with boats from Basic, Standard or Deluxe category, you must keep this in mind that speedboats are pretty fast so it’s not recommended for children under 3 years old, pregnant ladies, and people with serious back problems and injuries, to go on a tour.
* The crew can change the order of the tour at any moment according to the weather conditions, and you will be informed about this on time.
* Tickets for the Blue Cave are not included in the price and will be charged later upon arrival at the meeting point. The reason for this is that the operation of the cave depends on the weather conditions at sea.


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Special tour

Catamaran 4U

This type of boat accommodates many people and is therefore a good option for friends and family. With a lower speed, it provides the maximum laid back experience. Visitors can choose whether they want to be outside or inside the salon. In its equipment, it has pedal boards that guests can use in almost every location of their trip. It is safe and accessible for elderly people with back problems, small kids or pregnant women.


Aliskaf & Kolnago Speedboats


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Deluxe tour

Aliskaf & Colnago

This is a category of partly closed ship type. Passengers can choose whether they want to sit inside or outside. Maximum comfort and safety are suitable for older people with back problems. You can also enjoy the sun deck and soak up every ray of sun.


Enzo & Mercan Speedboats


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Standard tour

Enzo & Mercan Speedboats

This ship offers much more space, but is slower than ships in the BASIC category. But it still belongs to the speedboat category and is not recommended for small children, elderly people with back problems and pregnant women. It provides protection from the sun, so you can choose whether you want to sit in the shade or in the sun. The wind in your hair will accompany you throughout your journey.




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Basic tour


If you are a fan of adrenaline driving, this is the boat for you. The boat provides fast passenger transportation with a full day's stay in the sun. The waves for which the Adriatic Sea is famous will also contribute to raising the adrenaline in the blood. This class of boat is not suitable for small children, elderly people with back problems and pregnant women because the boat is very fast and bounces on the waves and there is not so much space.


Blue Cave tour from Split starts in early morning from the main Riva promenade.
Blue Cave Croatia
The cave is one of the best known natural spots on the Adriatic. Its popularity is growing day by day because of the glowing blue colour that apperas by the refraction and reflection of sunlight off the sea floor.. Originally the cave was accessible only by diving because natural entrance is below the sea level. Based on suggestion of Baron Eugen von Ransonet in 1884. they breached the entrrance. From that time entrance was large enough for small rowing boats. This is the place that will make indelible impression on you, must see when you are visiting Croatia.
Stiniva cave
Is located at the southern part of the island Vis.There are two ways to get to Stiniva cove, on foot or by boat. You are swimming in the turquoise sea to get to the beach. Cove or a bay is best known for its unique natural beauty dominated by high cliffs that form a small “sea entrance” to this pebble beach. It was announced as „ the most most beautiful beach in the Europe“, by tourism organisation - „European Best Destinations“
Blue Lagoon – Island Budikovac
This island has only one resident who lives on the island throughout the year. he owns a small farm and a restaurant. On the island you can meet donkeys, horses, chickens and many other animals. It is one of the most popular lagoon for swimming in the crystal clear turquoise sea and enjoying in underwater word. The lagoon is shallow, so you can easily find shells as souvenirs, while snorkeling.
Pakleni Islands
Pakleni islands is an archipelago of Hvar that contains 21 islands. Each of them has a specific purpose, focused on the production of local products such as lavender, honey, olive oil... the archipelago has many hidden beaches, coves, but also bars and restaurants, such as Laganini or Carpe diem on some of the islets.
Island Hvar
The sunniest island in all of Europe. It has over 300 sunny days throughout the year. Hvar is the most popular party island in Croatia. It has a huge variety of restaurants, bars and beaches. At the beginning of Hvar's promenade is the oldest theater in Europe. The main square is located in the very center, which has numerous bars and restaurants. Fort Fortica is one of the many sightseeing spots that Hvar has to offer.
The return is in the afternoon at the same place of departure.


useful information
What to take on the Blue Cave tour from Split?
Comfortable clothes, bathing suit, towel , sun cream, sunglasses.
Is lunch included in the price?
No, for that reason we we recommend bringing your own food or going to a restaurant.
Can you pay by card?
Yes, but keep in mind that cash culture still prevails in Croatia and that some places do not accept cards so bring some cash with you.
How long does it take to sightsee the Blue Cave?
It depends on the date of your arrival. If it is the season, then the waiting times are slightly longer than in the pre-season.
Is it possible to swim in the Blue Cave?
Blue Cave and the entire Vis archipelago is under UNESCO protection.
What happens in case of bad weather?
Can pregnant women go on a trip?
Speedboats are pretty fast so it’s not recommended for pregnant woman but we can recommend a boat from special category that is more suitable for pregnant women, children and the elderly.
Are the boats safe in bad weather conditions?
Yes, each boat is designed to provide maximum safety during bad weather at sea.
Why does the Blue Cave tour from Split take so long?
Because Blue Cave is located halfway to Italy.
Is BOATCRO a partner with Blue Cave?
No, Boat Cro provides transport services to the destination itself. Blue Cave is under the authority of Nautical Center Komiža.
Is it possible to take photos in the Blue Cave?
Of course yes, but without using flashlight. The flashlight bothers the drivers of the wooden boats.
What happens if we can not enter the Blue Cave?

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