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Boat owners association

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You can find the Boat Owner Assotiation of The Republic of Croatia on most distinguished location in town Split, in central part of Splits promenade, which we call „Riva“.
Even emperor Diokletian tied his boats on this very same place where you can find us 1700 years later.

History books teach us emperor Diokletian was very fond of boat trips too.


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Boat Owners Association of the Republic of Croatia &
Blue Cave Croatia

Blue Cave Croatia is a natural phenomena that was discovered in year 1884.

No one could have known at that time, that after more than 200 years it will become the most popular tourist destination in whole Dalmatia. In great deal, Blue Cave Croatia owes its popularity to Boat Owner Assotiation of The Republic of Croatia. At the same time, Boat Owner Assotiation owes its very existence to Blue Cave Croatia, since its beginning was tied to just a few enthusiastic boat owners, who connected some of the most beautiful spots on whole Adriatic into one 11 hours long day tour. Several of those enthusiastic boat owners founded Boat Owner Assotiation of The Republic of Croatia in year 2012, and from than, the association became more and more numerous.
Today assotiation has 56 companies engaged in boat tours and transfers of passengers. more than 200 people are employed within the association who work in the organization and provision of tourist services on more than 100 quality vessels, i.e. speedboats and passenger ships. The main goal of the association is to promote the Republic of Croatia and its beautiful islands in the best possible way, which we are proud to preserve for new generations, thinking about the environment and the cleanliness of the Adriatic Sea every day.

Every year we record an increase in the number of satisfied travelers who place their trust in companies from our association, we estimate that in 2022 the number of travelers, from all over the world, on our boat trips, was close to 200,000. We hope that we will continue to achieve such continuity through our commitment and investment in new vessels and the education of our employees.

You can always turn to BOATCRO with confidence for your future trips, giving you the best suggestions and advice when and how to best spend your trip in Croatia, on sea , and on land.

We will help you choose, and book the best boat, and tour for your relaxed vacation.
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